What We Do

Misión Betel’s work is centered on transforming children, families and communities through providing for their physical and spiritual needs. Our work is marked by Christian values.

ChildrenWhatWeDoImage’s Home

Our children’s home is dedicated to giving homeless, abandoned, and/or orphaned children a sense of worth and belonging through the structure and care of a home and family environment.  The focus is not on providing the children with the care of an institution, but to surround them with a home environment where their caretakers will provide them with discipline, love, and educational and spiritual guidance.

The children’s home accommodates up to 10 children and welcomes kids up to eight years of age.  The home functions with the assistance of “aunties” who help carry out daily household and childcare chores.

Every child assigned to our children’s home arrives via the corresponding governmental institutions. The home is ran under the strict supervision and cooperation of the representatives of MisiónBetel, its board of directors, and the pertinent authorities.

All aspects of the home are always supervised by the corresponding professionals in the area in question, i.e., psychologists; counselors; therapists; pediatricians, etc.

Annual Christmas Outreach

Every year during Christmas, Misión Betel visits a different area of Dominican Republic where we know there is a serious need and carry out our Annual Christmas Outreach. On average we provide toys and personal care products to over 170 kids.