How it Began

HowitBeganIMAGEShortly after the passing of their 20-year-old son in 2004, Misión Betel founder, Rubens Gomez and his Cuban wife, Tania, moved from Miami, FL. to Rubens’ native country, the Dominican Republic, where they had lived for about 10 years after getting married in the late 1970s. Shortly after the move, Rubens started to work with homeless men and children he would encounter on the street … sometimes even bringing the children to their home to care for them.

Approximately 30 years before, when Rubens first accepted the Lord, he was given a clear vision — even a name, for what more than a quarter of a century later would become Misión Betel. His dealings with the homeless and the abandoned children became the “official” start of that ministry.Misión Betel grew, and within a couple of years was a source of hope and help to countless children and families in need.
In 2011, Rubens passed away after a short battle with an aggressive form of cancer. This left Tania, now a widow, far from her two grown-daughters in Miami,  and practically a foreigner in her husband’s country.

“I had to decide,” said Tania. “There seemed to be a lot stacked against me. Continuing with Misión Betel was a huge responsibility and a serious commitment — Not to mention the financial aspect of it all. It was a daunting decision.”
But Tania’s trust was in the Lord and she clearly felt Him urging her to stay in Dominican Republic and carry on with the call God had given her husband and her family.

Today God’s vision for Misión Betel is going strong. More and more kids are being loved and lives transformed through the work that God originally started with Rubens and that Tania now carries on.