Setting up for Christmas dinner at the children’s home

First of all, we are sorry for not being able to post over the last few days …Things have been extremely hectic. Below is a summary of the last few days:

Most of the day on the 22nd we spent running around town buying groceries, cooking, and baking for Christmas dinner at the children’s home. We decided to have the dinner on the 23rd so that we could invite many of the individuals/organizations that have contributed to Mision Betel this past year. Below are a few pictures of the dinner and everything leading up to it.
Mom made a mouth-watering quiche ( I forgot to take an ‘after’ picture, but trust me on the ‘mouth-watering’ part)

It was also Madelyn’s birthday so we baked her a cake — complete with pink braids!

The kids helped peel stickers off the apples and set the tables.

In between all of it we found time to take a little break (they love brushing people’s hair).

After we finished helping out with the food and decorations we had to help get the little kids ready … In the end everything and everyone looked very nice.

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