Yesterday was an action-packed day. Teachers were due to give out final quarterly grades to their students, so we were at the school until 1 p.m. or so. Immediately after, the teachers and members of the the school administration had their Christmas luncheon and gift exchange. A certificate was also awarded to the “most improved” teacher -she was really touched. Here are a few pictures:

We also stopped by the children’s home for a little while to check out their pantry and see what they needed. We’ll probably be going to Pricemart (DR’s Costco) today to do groceries. With time we would love to have the resources to fill up the pantry and be able to distribute groceries to needy families nearby at least once a month. We also got to spend a little time with the kids again – they rock!

And lastly, the boxes of toys came in!!!! We were so happy to start unpacking and sorting them. When finished, we counted approximately 200 gifts, including very nice “gift sets” for the older kids (that’s usually a challenge). So that was day three … we’ll see what today has in store for us soon.

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