30 for 30

Thirty sponsors giving 30 dollars (minimum) in 30 days. That’s what the 30 for 30 campaign is about.  Why? In a word, because it’s NEEDED.

Mision Betel’s mission from day one has been to rescue neglected and orphaned kids from their impoverished surroundings and give them a life that they would otherwise never dream of having.  Providing them with basic and simple things like food, clean water, a roof over their heads, an education, etc., all costs money.

Money, as the song suggests, makes the world go ’round, and in many ways this can be true. Without it we are simply unable to continue  the mission that God has so plainly and clearly placed in our hearts.  It is through your generous giving that we are able to rescue these kids and put them on a path that will, quite literally, change their lives.

So, get excited,  get involved and join the cause!

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